With Arvin Vohra

We just published our second episode. In this episode, we are talking about the US Senate race for Maryland and some local state races in central Maryland. Our guest is Arvin Vohra, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate and the national Vice-president of the Libertarian Party.

Arvin is challenging two-time incumbent and Maryland’s senior US Senator Ben Cardin, a Democrat.He is running on a platform to “downsize, defund, and eliminate damaging federal government programs”. Before starting his own educational business, Arvin studied Mathematics and Economics at Brown University, and then worked as an actuary.  After seeing the negative effects of government on business, education, and more, he spent more and more time working for the causes of liberty.


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An early Spring?

“Is it an early spring?” is what we asked this morning in central Maryland. Our couple of inches of snow accumulation from last night vanished magically as the sun raged this Sunday. Spring foretells that soon it will be primary season. Here in the Old Line State, during the Gubernatorial Election Years (such as in 2018), the primaries are held the last Tuesday in June (June 22, 2018).

For our first episode, we discussed Maryland’s senior US Senator Ben Cardin’s race for re-election. To delve deeper, Senator Cardin is currently polling very well which is not a surprise at all. He is a favorite and has never lost an election in his fifty year political career in the Maryland legislature, US House and now in the US Senate. In a RealClearPolitics average of various polls, Cardin is leading by a spread of 28.3 points over his challengers: Dan Bongino (R) and Rob Sobhani (I). Of note, Cardin won by up to 30 points in the 2012 election cycle when Bongino and Sobhani were his closest contenders. While this seat is safely Democratic, it is interesting to note Senator Cardin’s primary challengers from among the Dems, especially because of the unprecedented energy among Dem supporters in special elections across the country. His challengers include Chelsea Manning, Jerome Segal, Richard Vaughn, Lih Young and Debbie Wilson.

Manning is probably the most well known outside of political circles. She was found guilty of leaking more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks in 2013, and her filing created a stir in the press with some asking if her announcement is for real. Her celebrity status and popularity among young liberals may be a shaker in the primary elections. On The Kojo Nnamdi show earlier in February, Manning said that the establishment Democrats promise but do not deliver on progressive issues. She also said that she chose to run for the Senate because that is where “we set the tone” (her words) and that Cardin’s career has been “unremarkable”. Her beliefs are mostly to the left of the Democratic Party, but recently she attended a far-right meeting in New York which confused and infuriated her followers.

Debbie “Rica” Wilson is a former public school teacher and college professor is running on a platform of educational reform as well as a champion of homeless and low-income women and children in rural America.

Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Segal is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International and Strategic Studies and Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Maryland. In addition, he is President and founder of The Jewish Peace Lobby where he works “to promote a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” He does not support Senator Cardin’s handling of this conflict.

Neal Simon, who records show have mostly given to Democrats, is running as an Independent against Senator Cardin.

Our second episode in March 2018 will feature Arvin Vohra, Vice President of the Libertarian Party who is running against Cardin on the Libertarian ticket. So, stay tuned!



Between the Beltways inaugural episode

Hi and welcome to one and all! We are about to venture out on an exciting mission – a political podcast series. Here’s a little bit about us:

Deepan: I am a clinical psychologist by trade who is interested in all things politics and political.  I have written for several media outlets, including Huffington Post, Baltimore Sun, India Abroad, Psych Central, etc. and am now venturing into the world of podcasts.  I have a M.S. and Ph. D in Clinical Psychology from Howard University in Washington, DC, and a B.S. in Psychology and Mathematics from Bethany College in West Virginia. I also have a professional license as a Psychologist in Maryland. I am originally from Calcutta, India and have lived in the United States for the last 22 years and counting.

Shreyasi:  I am a policy wonk by trade who is also interested in all things political.  I currently work for a large medical specialty society in Washington, DC, where I lead the health policy team.  I have a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Maryland – Baltimore County (UMBC) in Catonsville, Maryland, an MBA from the International Management Institute in New Delhi, India, and a B.Sc. in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, which is part of the University of Calcutta in India.  I am also originally from Calcutta, India and have lived in the United states for the last 10 years and counting. I used to be a blogger writing about lifestyle and talent management in India.

Theme and format: This podcast will run for about half an hour or so.  In this podcast, we will discuss central Maryland politics especially from the districts of Montgomery, Howard, Baltimore and Prince George’s counties. We will touch on Maryland state policies and politics and sometimes get into the Beltway. We will host a guest for each episode, someone who is either running for public office themselves, is a keen observer of the local political scene or is an academician with expertise in politics and public policy.

Our first guest: Our guest for the inaugural episode, which airs of February 15th, is Dr. Calvin Ball.  Dr. Ball has been an active Democrat all his life and is currently the Vice-Chair of the County Council of Howard County since 2016. He serves as the District 2 Howard County Councilmember, which includes the Villages of Long Reach and Oakland Mills in Columbia and portions of Elkridge, Ellicott City and Jessup. In 2006, he made Howard County history when elected youngest Chairperson and is now serving his fourth term leading the County Council. Dr. Ball is a native of Baltimore area, born in Catonsville; he received his BA from Towson University, his Masters from University of Baltimore and Ed.D from Morgan State University. In addition to serving on the County Council, Calvin is the Director of Complete College Baltimore, an innovative program on student completion at Baltimore City Community College. His service has been recognized through numerous prizes and awards including the Richard C. McCauley Transformative Leader Award, Horizon Foundation, 2016, Marilyn J. Praisner Public Service Award, Maryland Association of Counties, 2015 and Jenkins Odoms, Jr. Freedom Fighter Award, Howard County, Maryland Branch NAACP, 2015 to name just a few. He is running to be the County Executive of Howard County.

calvin ball photo